Thursday, January 7, 2010

A day like most others

I hate winter. Hate it. I'd gladly go live somewhere warm and sunny more often. Of course only if I can bring the most important members of my family that I would miss. Which is why I'm still here in the cold and the snow. That said, I have an absolute revulsion to wearing a coat. I despise them and prefer a sweater and layering to wearing an actual coat. It's no fun driving and wearing a coat, and it's certainly no fun carrying children around in a coat. And yet every morning when I drop Hannah off at school one of the parents comments to me "aren't you cold" No, I'm not really cold, and even if I were, what are you going to do about it? I mean how cold can you get when you walk ten feet from door to warm car, and then 20 feet from warm car to school doors? Seriously? Obviously I make my children wear coats, hats, and when appropriate, mittens. They don't mind, and as of yet haven't questioned why they need to and I do not. They both have reasonably warm hoodies to wear when we'll be in the car for more than ten or fifteen minutes, and when we're driving farther than that, I often take off their layers completely so that they don't overheat.

I'm anxiously awaiting spring, even though it's only the first week in January. I spend a lot of time wishing we lived somewhere warmer, but knowing that we were made for snow. I've lived in the cold my whole life. I think I'd be a little sad to move somewhere that there are no seasons. Right? I have to be right, or I'm leaving tomorrow!

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