Monday, January 11, 2010


Hannah and Norah spent the night at Meema's on Saturday night. It was nice for everyone involved I think. Steven and I enjoyed some time alone, and the girls were thrilled with their quality time with Meema. Hannah wanted to call me, so I got a little worried when my phone rang, but otherwise everything was peachy. We had spaghetti and meatballs yesterday when we picked them up, and as always it was fabulous. Only downside was that Donny was drilling, so he couldn't come hang out with us.

It's bone chillingly cold again this morning, I've already found myself counting the days until the girls birthdays when it will start to be warmer again. I don't know why I still live here when it's so darn cold in the winters!

This coming weekend will be very busy for us. Hannah has a birthday party on Sunday for her "bestest friend Emma" (her words, not mine) and Saturday I think we'll go up to visit Grampy and Mimi, since they haven't been up in a while. Otherwise the rest of this week will be trying to catch up on cleaning, and of course school. Hannah would be sad without school.

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