Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So far so good

Hannah's one random episode of puking is done, she didn't do it again, and it really makes me wonder what was up. She's totally fine in every way now it seems. Which is good. We'd really like to make it over to visit Mimi at some point, if they let her go from the hospital.

Vacation week is half over, and so far, nothing terribly fun has happened. Hannah was sick in the van, and we came home. And now we've stayed home for the remainder of the previous days, including today. They are almost finished with the house, and I'm hoping that today was the last coat of polyurethane they're putting on the floors. It stinks, and with the windows open to air it out, it's cold!

We're still hoping to get up to see Jennie and the kids. Don't know if that will happen, since the last part of this week is moderately busy. I'm going to talk to her today, maybe we'll go up tomorrow after Gary's appointment. Hannah's having a good time watching them fix everything up. If she wasn't only four I'd wonder why she's watching Craig so much. But she IS only four, so she can't possibly have a crush already, right?

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