Monday, February 1, 2010

Good weekend anyways!

So even though Hannah and I were so awfully sick on Thursday afternoon/evening, there was a highlight. Zach came up Thursday night to spend the weekend! It was supposed to be a surprise for Hannah, and she was going to be allowed to stay up until he got there, but she and I felt so awful that neither of us made it, even though it was only 8:15 when he did get here. But he got up and hung out with the girls bright and early Friday morning. Hannah was SO excited when she got up and saw his truck outside in our driveway. Then of course, Auntie Sara came down after work on Friday and they both spent the whole weekend here. Thankfully we all felt better on Saturday and we went out to Savers and Red Robin (Thank you new bank for giving us free money for signing up!). Then yesterday we all just hung around, though Steven did run out to have our taxes done. They stayed until about 5, and then had to hit the road again.

The girls love both of them so much, I'm going to be so sad when they BOTH live in Delaware all the time and Sara can't come down after work to spend a weekend. The girls will be sad too, but Steven and I are already talking about planning a trip down there when he gets his vacation in August.

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