Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

And so far, It's snowed for about 15 minutes and now it's flurrying off and on. School was cancelled everywhere in the area when I got up this morning. Moderately annoying, because as much as I love days off, it's annoying to be able to go nowhere in case it gets slippery fast.

In other news, yesterday construction started in our house for removal of our woodstove, removal of our partial wall between the dining room/living room, and fixing our large front window that leaks cold air like a sieve. So far I will admit to being unimpressed with the amount of work accomplished. I was told that yesterday they would be removing the stove, ceramic tile, and pipe going through to the roof so that the roof could be patched before the snow came today. Yesterday when I got home at 4pm (should have still been here working, or at least ready to leave at the very least) the stove and ceramic tile were both gone, as well as some of the wood paneling in the dining room on the wall that will be taken down. There is still a hole in my ceiling, and there is still stove pipe going through the attic and up through the roof. So no pipe gone, and no hole patched before snow comes. Which as I stated previously, has already started. Craig told us it would be done Friday, and I shouldn't have ever believed that. No matter how good and kind a contractor is, he's still useless at time management apparently.

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