Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still sickies, unfortunately

Hannah is still feeling under the weather. Sniffles and cough have yet to go away, and then she blessed Norah and I with them also. Though to us a lesser degree than her. However I've nearly completely lost my voice, which makes controlling the chaos here difficult at best.

The girls had a lovely Easter, and we were blessed with insanely gorgeous weather. There were Easter baskets in the morning, egg hunt and dinner at Meme's, and then when we got home Auntie Sara showed up to spend the night. They played with her all evening, and then most of yesterday too. It was a really great weekend.

I almost hate weather like this because it's such a tease. It's gorgeous and warm (possibly hitting 90 tomorrow apparently) and it will not stay this way. I love warm weather and dresses for the girls. And they love it too. Days at the park, bubbles in the backyard, popsicles on the front steps after dinner. Sometimes walks to Friendly's for ice cream. It's perfect. Idyllic even. But it's barely April. So we'll say thanks for the tease, and hope it'll be back for Hannah's school vacation in a couple weeks.

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