Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My only child

Last night Hannah had her first sleepover at her friends. And while I'm certain she had a fabulous time, Norah adores being the only child. She plays nicely, no screaming or demanding for help or attention. It's so different, I don't know what to do with it almost. She just plays nicely with toys and only comes over to me if she needs something or wants to give huggies and kisses. She didn't sleep well, but that doesn't mean anything.

I've already talked to Kat this morning, and she said that Hannah was fine. There was actually only one issue with their sleepover. Mimi wasn't feeling good suddenly and vomited, so after a call to the hospital she was taken to the ER and admitted. Mimi has a double ear infection, but they're hopeful to get her sprung and home this afternoon. So the puppet show will be on hold today, and maybe we can get up there another day this week.

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