Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing maybe?

Hannah surprised me on Friday afternoon by taking a nap with Norah. They slept peacefully for an entire hour, and I was totally shocked, and more than a little worried. She never naps. Rarely even when she's sick, so a nap was almost unheard of here. Especially when Norah's naptime means things like Markers, Paint, and things with tiny pieces like her Operation game. Yet when they woke up, they ran around like crazy people, and were totally fine.

Fast Forward to today. I think it finally dawned on me why she napped, and I only noticed it from her eating habits. Saturday she basically spent all day eating. At the birthday party, at Grampy's house, on the way home from Grampy's house instead of sleeping. Yesterday she ate quite a bit, but then for dinner took the cake with THREE servings of soup (homemade tomato with noodles/veggies), two slices of bread, and an entire glass of milk. Then for lunch today she asked for more soup, then a sandwich and cheetos like Norah has. And eating it all. So I think she must be growing, because nothing else explains that sort of eating. Even for her. And I've rarely had cause to complain about her eating habits.

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