Friday, April 16, 2010

How they eat

I'm continually amazed some days at how much kids can eat. Kat's and my own specifically yesterday. Hannah had her school concert, which there will be video of soon, and then we went over to Kat's before we headed to the park. We brought snacks, since it was actually lunchtime for my own kids, but all five ate like they were starved. Crackers, cereal, granola bar, apple, water... it was never ending. Then it was back to our house for lunch. Annie's mac and cheese and peppers with dip. Not 5 minutes after Kat went to work, a few of the five year olds were asking for a snack. So there was 3/4's of a cantaloupe and an entire cucumber. And sure enough, right as I was getting things out for dinner, more hungry kids. So I pacified them with bread and butter (4 out of 5), one fruit cup, and Mimi had half a cream cheese/jelly sandwich. Then it was dinner, and all kids wanted to stay and eat. Which was fine. So there were eggs, homefries, and pancakes. And they all ate nearly every bite, including picky two year olds. Then my own kids had cheez its later before bed.

Who knows if it's the fresh air, or a growth spurt, or what... but man, if they all keep it up Kat and I are going to go broke!


Kat said...

This made me laugh! I know why Mimi is eating maybe the other kids are feeding off of her meds LOL!

My Little Cuties said...

But talk about healthy snacks!