Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring into Vacation

Hannah's spring vacation from school is this week, and boy is she excited! Tomorrow the plan is for her to sleep over at Kat's for her very first away from home sleepover with friends. Sure she's spent the night with her grandparents (all of them at least once), but this will be her first sleepover with her friends. She is insanely excited!

Then Tuesday we're headed to Northampton to the Academy of Music to see the Tanglewood Marionettes do a puppet show. I believe the one we're seeing is called "The Last Dragon". Hannah and all the girls loved last years showing of Hansel and Gretel, so we're making sure to hit the show again this year.

Wednesday I'm thinking it looks nice enough to make a whole day trip to the park, so we'll probably drive out to Stanley Park in Westfield, since Mimi is making a special request to visit it's tire swing.

Thursday the plan is to go up to Eric Carle in Amherst to see a play based on some of the Golden Books, I believe that one is The Poky Little Puppy and other stories.

And of course one day she wants to make it down to Kidcity. So I'm not sure if we'll do that Friday, but we're trying. Thanks to a pass for Kidcity and Eric Carle, we should have plenty to do this vacation, and into the summer!

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SandyS said...

We welcome you to The Eric Carle Museum! Looks like you have a great vacation week planned!