Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2 for 2

Yesterday Mimi did not get to leave, she was feeling worse and vomiting again, so they kept her. I had Iza and Magi here for the afternoon, but Iza and Hannah were asking if they could have another sleepover here. It was fine by me but I wanted them to talk to Kat. And talk they did, less than 2 seconds after she walked in the door. Of course it was fine with her also, so last night the girls had another sleepover, but here.

I set up the toddler bed mattress on the floor in their room with pillow and blankets for Iza. Then they had baths, snacks, and a movie. About 7:45 Norah was sitting with me and demanded "Bed Mommy, NOW!" and I took her and rocked her for a few, and then put her in bed. Five minutes later when I realized the big girls were exhausted also and sent them to bed, Norah was already out cold. It's 7:15-ish now and Norah woke up an hour ago, and Iza is still sleeping. Hannah wanted to sleep late, but I think our family routine is too ingrained in her. She hears Steven getting ready and just has to get up. Fine by me, I like early mornings and early bedtimes at night. Much better than late nights.

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