Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I mad at you

"I mad at you, you NOT my Mommy" 

Two year olds are such a joy.  Insert eyeroll.  Drama personified, that is Norah.  She yells and screams far more than Hannah ever did.  Hannah was very passive in some ways, where Norah is the exact opposite.  She means to let you know exactly what's wrong, and in some cases, to tell you just how to fix it.  She's also shy and quiet around people she's unfamiliar with.  One of the mom's at Hannah's school is just taken with how cute she thinks Norah is.  She talks to her every morning, and the only thing she gets in return is her trying to get closer to me and whispering "I love you mommy".  Because that is the answer to everything.  At least for Norah.

Hannah seems to have the adjustment to Kindergarten pretty well down.  As we walked up to the school today, one of her friends in her class was behind us, so she made sure that we wait so they could walk together.  I'm glad she's making friends, I worry about that the most.  It's hard anytime in life to have few or no friends.  More when you're little I would guess.  So she has a few, and so far she has been enjoying herself.  She did complain to me this morning that they have to do "morning work".  She seemed confused that she wouldn't get to play all day every day.  Such is life little one.

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