Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Better

My girlies seem to be feeling better.  Hannah's not running a fever anymore, and her sniffles and coughing have decreased.  Norah's hardly sniffly at all, just completely full of attitude.  Not sure if it's because she's Norah, because she's Two, or because she's sick.  I guess only time will tell.  She also had a couple nights where she had night terrors.  Completely terrifying for me and for Steven.  She doesn't have a clue, and honestly if she wasn't bothering Hannah, I know leaving her alone is the way to get it over with the fastest. 

Among other issues, I have a nasty stye.  It's gross, my eye is swollen, and I look like someone punched me in the face.  Clearly that's not what happened, but I can't make it go away any faster.  It's slightly less painful than it was yesterday, but I'm trying to avoid reading and watching too much tv. 

We had a great third day of vacation.  Hannah had her 5 year visit to get her ready for Kindergarten.  She is 44 1/2 inches and 42lbs.  According to her doctor that's right at 50% for both, which is wonderful.  She's exceptionally average I guess.  She also got her flu shot, which was a combined seasonal flu and H1N1.  So she's good.  Norah goes back next week for her flu shot.

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