Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Less than a week to go...

Today I'm taking Hannah to her new school for her Kindergarten screening.  I'm not really sure why they wait until the last minute, as her first day is next Monday.  There's also a parent orientation on Friday, but I won't be making that since I have to work, and so does Steven.  I'm a little in denial that my big girl is starting Kindergarten already.  Seriously wasn't she just a baby?  Didn't she just go to EI?  Didn't she JUST have her first day of Preschool.  No one is kidding when they tell you time moves faster as you get older. 

Today one of my favorite people takes her girls to their first day of Kindergarten.  I hope there are pictures, and that she holds it together, so that at least one of us can say that we did.

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