Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Away

Labor day weekend, traditionally the last long weekend before school, or around school.  At least for us adults.  I have to work today, but it's Steven's last day of vacation before going back to work tomorrow.  So I'll go in for a couple hours later, and maybe we can do something fun later.

Yesterday we went to Six Flags.  We used our free passes from the Cure Kids Cancer walk, but unfortunately they are closed during the week, so our original plan to go on his vacation was scrapped.  We got there yesterday just as they were opening, and it was basically crazy after that.  We spent a couple hours there riding rides, and listening to Norah whine.  Then we headed back to the car to eat lunch.  At that point we all agreed that there were too many people there and it was too crazy.  So instead of using our stamps to get back in, we headed out to go mini golfing instead.  And honestly I think that was a bigger hit.  Norah got to play too, and it was hilariously adorable to watch her put her ball just inches from the cup and tap it in, congratulating herself heartily afterward.

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