Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big P

Yesterday I took Hannah's temp, and it registered at 104.5 on my oral thermometer.  So we called the pedi and back we went.  I also took the thermometer to see exactly how accurate it is, which apparently it's reading 1.5 degrees too high, but still 103 is worrisome when you're on day 4.  Her doctor is wonderful and I'm glad that she's so helpful.  She sent us to the lab for bloodwork, and then had us wait for the results.  It came back with an elevated white blood cell count, and she was suspecting pneumonia.  So we were sent to the hospital for a chest xray, but she said to treat it as pneumonia and she called in the antibiotics before we even left.  Then we headed down to the hospital, and after a very short wait, were called in for a fast xray.  Now I'm no doctor, but the tech had me wait in the little room where it's "safe" from radiation, and I saw the pictures come up on the screen.  Even I saw the spot on her lung that's not supposed to be there.

So her doctor called me a few minutes after we got home to confirm the diagnosis.  And after one dose of the antibiotics, her fever was down and she was noticeably more like herself.  It's very encouraging!

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My Little Cuties said...

Pneumonia is so scary! I'm glad you found it and she's responding to the antibiotics.