Friday, December 3, 2010

A long weekend

I have today off, since originally we had planned to take Hannah out of school and do something fun with the brand new Six year old girlies who had a birthday yesterday.  However, Hannah doesn't have school anyways, but the birthday girls can't skip school today.  Things are going on there that they need to be a part of.  So we'll hang out at home for the morning.  Then this afternoon we're going over for Pizza and Movie Night. 

Tomorrow the girls are going to spend the night with Meema, and Sunday we'll go up to pick them up and have a nice dinner.  Then it's back to work for me, and she's certainly working me harder than I thought I'd need to with my limited availability.  She's always asking me to work on my day off, or stay later even though I can't.  It's frustrating to have to say no, but I feel like she should respect what I have put out there as when I'm available.  I can understand asking occasionally, but not every time I get a phone call.  So Monday starts a long week where I'm working far more than I wanted to.  I know it will make Christmas easier, but it makes me sad still that I don't get to stay home and play with Norah all day.

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