Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fever's still here

At this point it's been three days and I feel like it's never going away.  In the afternoon when it spikes up high, I always get worried because she gets pale and sad and tired, and basically doesn't move.  It goes away as soon as the ibuprofen kicks in, whenever she's ready to have it again.  I'm worried that this isn't the end of it, that it's going to last forever.  She's hardly eating, which isn't like her at all.  She ate less than a pancake for breakfast, almost nothing for lunch, no snack, and hardly any of her dinner.  Seriously, that's nothing... and according to the pediatricians scale, she's losing weight.  She was 43lbs yesterday.  I swear she was more than that at her last appointment.  At least she's drinking water.  She had a bunch of cups with ice today, so I at least can't complain about that.  I feel totally helpless.  There's nothing I can do for her except keep treating the fever.  And she's more than done with taking all the meds. 

On a brighter note, her pediatrician was scheduled to see her yesterday to talk about her asthma, and she changed her medicine.  So she's now taking singulair and flovent.  If the combination of the two don't help, the next step is a pediatric pulmonologist.  So now she goes back to be seen again at the end of next month.

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