Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some sick scares me

Hannah's sick a lot.  Run of the mill colds, coughing, and endless snot.  I can manage that, it's annoying that it happens so much, but I can deal with it.  This morning Hannah woke up crying.  She's never done that, even when she was tiny, she always woke up coughing.  Then, a minute later, she vomited all over our bed.  So then we were up.  She basically lived on the couch all day, and when her fever hit 103.4, Steven couldn't stand it and called the pediatrician.  Fevers scare me too.  It's like you can't be too careful.  She perked up when I gave her some childrens ibuprofen, and a shower.  Of course that was now 3 hours ago, so I won't be surprised if she spikes a fever again tonight while she's sleeping.  I hate it, and I hope this is it.  The vomiting was a one time thing, but the listlessness, the long naps from someone who hasn't napped in nearly 3 years.... it scares me.

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My Little Cuties said...

Fevers scare me, and I really can't stand how they always spike their highest at night.