Sunday, September 25, 2011

Big E

Yesterday Hannah had a soccer game at 2:15.  Steven went into work early and found out that since they tow from the Big E, we could park for free and possibly get in at a discounted rate.  So we planned to go over there after Hannah's game.

They got a late start, somewhere closer to 3, though I'm not sure why.  Hannah spent the first half in the goal, and let a couple by her.  She comes too far out, and she's still a little afraid of the ball, so she doesn't charge it the way her coach wants.  Then they switched, and another girl played goalie and Hannah got the chance to play defense and offense.  I have some pictures from yesterday on my camera.  When they finished, and squeaked out another win, we headed home to change and drive over to the fair.

There was surprisingly little traffic, but that may be because it was nearly 5pm at that point.  We parked and walked to the main gate.  Steven called the man we were supposed to meet up with, and would you believe he walked us right in the exit.  No one batted an eyelash, and we were thrilled to be able to keep the $40 total an entrance would cost for 4 of us on a weekend.  We walked around, checked out shops, saw the parade, and got the girls some dinner.  Then we headed to the Better Living Center to see all the goods in there.  After that there was more walking around, some fried vegetables, and cotton candy.  Hannah got a feather in her hair (the new trend I guess) and Norah got a butterfly magic wand.

We finally headed for home, and got there around 9:00.  Norah was passed out cold in the car, and Hannah was wound up I guess, because she was singing and dancing in her seat.  They both seemed to sleep well, though it's going to be a long day, because they didn't sleep nearly long enough.


Janice said...

I was just looking at your pictures, and I haven't been to the Big E in at least three years, 2008 was the last time. I kind of miss it especially when I read about the Better Living Center and the parade, and saw the Legos. Hunter would have loved that. We'll probably go next year.

Jess said...

We used to go every year with Jennie and Ben, but the last time we went was a couple weeks before she had Shane. We could meet up if you come down next year :) It IS only 15m from my house.