Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game on!

So as of today, Hannah's team has had two games, and won both times.  Not that winning is what matters, but it makes them feel good!  Thursday it was so dark I couldn't take a single picture that wasn't fuzzy from the girls all moving.  So today, since the game got moved to 1pm instead of 6:30pm again, I got some wonderful pictures.... Of Hannah standing still.  She played goalie for all of the second half, and never got anywhere near the ball.  First half she played defense for a while while Iza played goalie.  Iza was an equally bored goalie.  They are too cute to watch them play.  They play hard, and somewhat rougher than I imagined first and second graders being.  But they all had a good time.  Hannah's excited for some family to come watch her play. 

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