Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sucked in

I've been following this blog since the beginning of the month.  September is pediatric cancer awareness month and Mary Tyler Mom has been writing a post every day of this month.  One for each day of treatment her daughter Donna was on.  Pediatric cancer falls close to home here.  We all love Mimi, and worry about her.  She's doing well, at least last I saw her yesterday at the soccer game, and that's important.  But there is so little funding for pediatric cancer, it's very VERY sad.  Not that I think my little personal blog will have anything to do with that.  But, I feel like I needed to say something.  Anything.  I'm having a rough day today, and I don't feel like myself.  But I have my two kids here, and they love me.  I don't ever have to wonder about it.

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