Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day

Hannah had her first day of first grade yesterday.  She came out happy and full of energy!  She had a lot to say, but she seemed surprised that she had no toys in her classroom.  She has a desk, with her name on it, and she sits next to a girl named Elizabeth and a boy named Gabriel.  She's in a class with two of her friends from last year, so that's nice.  She said she didn't have enough time to eat her lunch, but I think it's more that she got used to leisurely lunches where you can take your time, and I think she gets 15 minutes to eat at school.  She did eat all but two bites of her wrap, which I thought was the most important anyways.  Just the way she wanted.  Whole wheat wrap with turkey, cheese, lettuce, pepper, and cucumber.

Then they came home and we filled out paperwork and got snacks.  I took them back over to Meme's around 5, and then I headed off through traffic to get to my own first day of school.  I was a little early, but I wasn't the only one.  My class centered on the syllabus, and starting an outline for our first essay, due in two weeks.  I have a feeling this may be a bit harder than I first anticipated.  In this semester (we will meet 13 times in that timeframe) I have four papers due, two of which are 800+ word research papers.  It's been a long time since I did any sort of paper, so I'm hoping my brain can reboot and remember some of this stuff.  Annotated Bibliography?  Works Cited?  Footnotes? 

However in other news, I got a 97% on my first math test, so now it's on to other, harder concepts.

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Janice said...

You know how sometimes if you're talking to someone (say your child) and you accidentally type what you're saying? I hope that doesn't happen during your paper writing, otherwise they might be interesting reads! :) You'll do fine! (I'm sure of it)