Friday, September 23, 2011

School Days

Hannah's gotten right back into school like it never stopped.  Some mornings she's confused, that the weekends don't require rushing.  She's ready to go, and when it's not a school day, she wants to go do something else.  Which is fine.

Today was something different.  Norah started a preschool program through the city.  For a very nominal fee she gets to go spend three hours once a week at "school".  And just like Hannah, we took her picture this morning, with her backpack.  She was VERY excited this morning, asking how soon are we leaving, and is it time for school yet.  She took her backpack and packed her snack (cheez its and water) and her nightnight.  Because even 3 year olds can't go to school without their nightnights.  And we dropped Hannah off first.  Then we headed over to Kat's house, and met them so we could do the initial drop off together.  They were so excited to be big kids, I love it! 

And as for my own school, I'm plugging along.  I'm having a harder time with math this chapter, and I suspect that won't get any easier.  I turned in my first essay for English on Tuesday, and I'll get it back next week to see how I did.  I think it was good, not great, but passable at least.  I'm still getting back into the writing swing of things.

Pictures to come on the shutterfly site, I swear I have some.  My camera is getting used, just not downloaded.

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