Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sick sick sick

Hannah is sick again, and after what happened with her last year, I'm totally paranoid. She doesn't want to drink or eat and is just miserable. Her fever comes and goes. My poor Muffin. I will say however, that I am thankful that she's sick now, and not in a couple months when she could make the Mini Muffin sick too.

She saw the pedi today, and she said that she looks miserable and all, but that it was not strep. Which is a good thing. Hannah's been complaining of her throat and head hurting, so I was wondering if that was causing it.

So now we're loading up on fluids, and foods that are full of fluids. Watermelon, popsicles, jello, juice, and Dora soup. Hopefully she'll cooperate enough not to make a repeat visit to the ER like we did last year.


Grampy said...

So soup is OK as long as it's "Dora Soup"?

I hope Hannah being sick is not wearing you out too much or making you sick!

My Little Cuties said...

It's hard to see our McKidlings suffer! I hope she's better soon! Hunter was sick this week tto so I feel your pain.