Sunday, January 20, 2008

The tragedy of being two

"MOMMY, I can't walk" (bursts into huge sobbing tears, begging to be picked up)

No, it was not some horrific accident that spoiled my child's walking abilities. Because I know you're dying to know, it was socks. You know, those things you put on your feet before shoes and to keep them warm. Socks. Purple socks to be exact. But the awfulness of these socks apparently has reduced my child to crying and tiptoeing everywhere. Why you ask? Because unlike her normal socks, these socks have the words on the bottom that make them non slip.

If only we could all be 2, I personally would be thrilled to deal with the fact that the worst tragedy of life is that my socks felt funny.

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My Little Cuties said...

Hunter won't wear socks unless there are shoes over them. And as soon as the shoes come off the socks better as well otherwise he will follow me around, "Thock off, Mummy. Thock off? Thock off. Mummy. Thock off!"