Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Smart People

I had a doctors appointment yesterday with my regular doctor. I had some issues around Christmas with my heart racing and skipping, so while my OBGYN was fairly certain it was not an issue, he asked that I get checked out by my regular doctor. So the nurse calls me in and checks my BP and O2 levels and weight (UGH). Then she starts quizzing me on why I'm there and says she knows my OBGYN asked that I go and get checked (Clue number 1). So I tell her what happened and that he called it a "Flow Murmur". I looked it up online and told her that apparently it's very common in pregnant women (Clue number 2) because of all the extra blood you have from carrying a child inside you. After all this talk, she says to me :

"Oh, so I guess you're pregnant"

Silly me, I thought that at 32 weeks it was fairly obvious, or at least more so than it maybe was 3 or 4 months ago.

The good news is my doctor listened to my heart and said it's a classic flow murmur and nothing to be seriously concerned about. She said that every pregnant woman gets it in the 3rd trimester, but that not everyone has the heart racing/skipping. So I'm normal, or at least as normal as I was before.

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