Friday, January 25, 2008

Charter screws people

So there's nothing like going online to check your email. You know the email with all your correspondence in it, saved things, pictures, etc. Oh wait, except when you go online to check it and realize that everything you had in it was gone. As in, completely disappeared.

So of course the first thing I do is go vent to the ladies on the TO, and Kristin posts this link to me.

So now I'm angry, and I call Steven to ask if he can call them (because his name is on the account, so I doubt they'd talk to me anyways) and he agrees to, obviously because he doesn't want a cranky wife. Then he of course calls me back.

If you are a HUGE company and make a mistake, OWN UP TO IT! They told Steven that there was a virus last night that wiped all the accounts out. Um, if it was last night, where did that link come from? Or all the other links I pulled up on Google that said it happened Monday and was publicly acknowledged yesterday. Whatever. I was annoyed that all my email was gone, but seriously, why lie about it? Stuff like that is way too easy to find out.

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