Monday, January 7, 2008

A pleasant weekend

We had a lovely weekend, at least in my opinion. My mom came down on Saturday and we went baby shopping. Hannah was supposed to stay and play with Daddy, but at the last minute she decided no one but Mommy would do, so she came along. I found many nice things, lots of which were on sale. I even found an outfit to bring her home in. Then, Hannah went to Meema's for the night so that Steven and I could be grown up's. We ended up driving out to Lee to the Prime Outlets and did some shopping and then had dinner.

I really do think that the best part of the weekend was seeing my brother yesterday. He got down on the floor and played with Hannah, and I've never seen either of them so happy. It was so nice, and this morning Hannah was still talking about playing ball with Uncle Donny. She's also a big fan of his girlfriend Brittany. She kept telling me that Brittany is very nice, which of course, she is.

I like quiet family weekends, I think they're my favorite.

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