Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The passage of time

Poor Hannah, she really doesn't understand time at all. Nothing happens when she thinks it should. Sunday her Meme told her that she would pick her up and take her out on Wednesday, which she didn't understand was FOUR days away. I can finally tell her today that it's tomorrow, which she'll sort of get.

Sadly it's the same with other things that are much farther away. Recently she's become obsessed with the idea of flying a kite. So we told her that this summer we'll take the kites to the beach and fly them there. So now she's totally excited about the beach and kite flying, but has no concept of how many months it will be before it's warm enough to go.

And now I'll add an appropriate picture, even though it is somewhat old. She and my friend's son, David are helping Steven fly his kite at the Cape this past September.

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