Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love our friends

Yesterday we had some friends over for lasagna and some fun for the kids. These are friends of ours because when we signed up for a birthing class with our oldest kidlets, we somehow ended up being the only two couples there. Now here we are over four years later, and still getting together whenever possible.

As they were on the way here, Kerry calls me and asks if I have any wine, and while I did, it was open for a while and I hadn't checked it. So she says they'll stop at a package store and get some. We cracked it open not long after they got here, and I made lasagna (with a very cooperative Norah up on my back watching) and played with all the kids. Both older kids (Hannah and Gabe) were well behaved at dinner and ate reasonably well. Norah was fine as long as I was sitting there, but when I got up to take Ellie so that Colin could eat, she melted down. But after all mommies were present and accounted for, the littlest girlies settled down and played for a while.

It was so nice to have people with kids over. I love our families, but it's just different somehow. And no, I'm lame and there are no pictures.

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My Little Cuties said...

I love it when we can have dinner time playdates and our own friends come with their kids!