Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's funny

Last week I was rereading back through, and just about a year ago there's a post about Hannah's socks. Hannah had an issue with some socks that had the words written on the bottom to make them grippy instead of a deathtrap in our nearly rugless home. There was crying, and screaming, and the "I can't walk..." drama that followed. Recently (as in Christmas) she was given another pair of these socks, plus a pair of "slipper socks" which are of course similar, but thicker. They have given her no issue and there is no screaming over them feeling weird, or the inability to walk. Amazing what a year can do. Or a few falls because the ever popular "stop running in the house before you fall" has now turned to "stop running, you'll fall... AGAIN *eyeroll*"

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