Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The past

Hannah's been VERY into my photo albums and scrapbook, wanting to see all the pictures. It's funny how even in a very old picture, or a group picture she can pick me out. I have one from a wedding of Steven and I. We were only married a few months at that point and kids were nowhere on the agenda, but we look happy and she easily knew it was us. She checks out the framed pictures on the wall and knows most of those people also. Though I will say that most older people don't change as much as you could in a few years being younger. So it's easy to recognize Grampy, or Meme, or Uncle Dave. But even with all the strange hairstyles I've had she still finds me.

I don't miss the "young" me. Though I'm betting Steven does occasionally. Having kids is rough, but from what I hear worth it. I guess we'll see in about 20 years... and yes at that point, I will probably miss "young" me.
So I guess here is a tribute to being 21

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