Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

Again. My affection for winter has dwindled down to nothing. Most of you realize that I actually have never had any affection for it. I had hoped that when I had kids and they loved it that I could at least tolerate it, but sadly, that's not even remotely true.

Yesterday Hannah and Gary had a snow day again. Nothing on earth is more painful than spending an entire day cooped up in the house with Hannah, Norah, and Gary. They all mean well, but my nerves frazzle easily this time of the month. Norah spent all day Tuesday refusing to nap, and then refusing to sleep come bedtime. I was terrified yesterday she would do the same and that I would want to throw myself screaming into the icy oblivion I call my backyard. As it happens, she napped wonderfully, so plenty of downtime for her. Unfortunately with Hannah home that means none for me. She did play very nicely for quite a bit of the afternoon, and helped sample the blueberry muffins I made before lunch. Steven of course didn't get home until late, and then had to clean our driveway and our neighbors. He was out there for well over an hour and a half, and in the meantime both girls went to bed.

I'm so over winter, when is it going to be spring. Last night as I was cleaning up the living room before getting Norah into bed I heard Brian Williams say that it was only 8 more weeks until spring. EIGHT. Where is that retarded groundhog who might give me some hope? And we all know that even in "spring" we can get snow here in New England. My one saving grace is that Steven isn't snowplowing this year, but I really think I'd lose my mind if that were the case.

In good news, we have some friends coming for a playdate on Saturday and I'm very excited. I actually haven't told Hannah yet because I'm terrified something will come up for one of us and they won't be able to come. It's happened plenty of times, so I think when Janice calls me in the morning and says they're coming, I'll let Hannah in :)

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My Little Cuties said...

We haven't even had any MELT since the ice storm. Give me some melt, please!!!!