Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Such a fun weekend

Hannah had a birthday party on Saturday for her best friend, Emma. It was adorable to watch them running around having a good time. Hannah was a little confused when Emma opened her gifts and there were none for her, but I explained that her special day was coming and she'd have gifts to open then. And of course Norah's day is coming, and she'll have to help Norah open hers.

Then Sunday we brave the crazy snow to go to Meema's house. Hannah had planned to spend the night, but since Emma's birthday was way more important, Meema said we could just come visit for the day and she'll take Hannah another weekend. So it took us nearly an hour and a half to get there, and we nearly got into a head on collision with some chick who thought that driving 50 with an inch of snow packed on the road was a good plan. Thankfully she missed us (though she didn't miss the guardrail, OUCH) and we made it there safe. We had a wonderful time, and Hannah was thrilled to have the adults to herself while Norah napped. Norah was of course cooperative enough to nap through lunch and cleanup so I could eat and help, then we started the trek home. Which was of course not nearly as bad as the way there. The roads were wonderful by then, which was a blessing to be sure.

Monday came, and Hannah was sad that it was a holiday and there was no school. But she had fun watching Gary play Guitar Hero most of the day (she actually refused to let him play anything else, LOL) and then had one of her favorite meals (mexican) for dinner. Dori called, and I'm glad she did, now I know I'm safe to plan the girls birthday party for March 7. It's the weekend between their birthdays, but I wanted to be sure we didn't plan parties for the same weekend, since her littlest ones birthday is the day after Hannah. I'm sure Hannah would be devastated if Emma couldn't come to her birthday.

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