Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hannah had two firsts today.  Today she saw her FIRST movie in a real theater.  Also it was 3D, so that would be a first also.  She said she loved it, though I can't be sure yet since I wasn't with her.  She's finally having her sleepover do over with Mimi and Iza.  At the previous one during school vacation week, Mimi was admitted that night.  So since Mimi had her counts yesterday and all was good, Kat said sleepover tonight and she took all the girls to see Toy Story in 3D.  I talked to Hannah after the movie and she said it was so much fun.  They were getting ready to eat dinner, so I didn't chat long.  I know she'll do fine with the sleepover part.  Since she's already done that part.

Norah loves when Hannah is gone overnight.  She really would have been a perfect only child.  She's so happy and peaceful when it's just her.  Unfortunately for her, she is destined to be the baby, so hopefully she'll grow into it.  She's in bed now, and I'm sure Hannah will be eventually, though I'm sure that some giggling and staying up late will be in order.

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