Friday, June 4, 2010

Short weeks

I don't just love holiday weekends for the long weekend aspect, but for the short week aspect.  It seems like this week has flown by rather quickly.  Hannah will be out of school in about ten days, and we're busy making plans for the summer.  This weekend we have a wedding to go to, and I'm excited for a night out with Steven, and we're still waiting to hear the verdict on if Zach is coming up again. 

Next week is silly week at school for Hannah, and the week after is only three days left of school.  Crazy how fast it all went by.  Kat and I were talking about how quiet it's going to be in the fall with the three oldest in school all day.  She even asked what I thought about Magi starting at Hannah's school in November after she turns 3, which of course is an option, but I think Norah would get bored. 

We were also invited to NH in July with some friends of our family.  They're renting a house near a kid friendly amusement park for two weeks.  Kat and I were discussing the implications of us going together, going separately, etc..  I would love to go, and the girls would love it also, so I guess we plan out our finances and see how far that gets us!

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