Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out!

There are pictures to come of the adorable graduation that took place yesterday, but as of now I'll just tell you that it was totally cute and I did NOT fall apart.  She's only five, and I'm glad to say that I held it together.  Steven, not so much.  She's his baby, yes we have Norah, but Hannah is a total Daddy's girl. 

The other good news was that now we can hang out with our friends whenever and however we want.  This morning we went to Kat's very early so she could go to work for 8:30, and we headed for home around 7, when Hannah was totally exhausted, and I'm glad I said no to the sleepover.  Next week I hear will be better.  We are already making plans to do fun things while we can.  Parks and pools are out for a bit (parks only because I find lots of careless kids that could hurt her, not that she'd hurt herself) but we're going to probably go see a play tomorrow at Stanley Park!

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