Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sheer Terror

Hannah's a bit of a drama queen.  She cries about things a lot, and I tend to check her over quickly to decide if she really is fine.  Normally, she is, and when I tell her she's not bleeding and is fine, she runs away.  Friday, she fell outside.  She was playing with Mimi and Iza, and then she came in crying.  My arm hurts Mommy, and crying.  So I lift up her sleeve, and man, her elbow is more twisted than any I've ever witnessed personally.  I knew right then something was very wrong.  I was in for a shock as to just how wrong it would be.  I called her pediatricians office right away, and they had me bring her in.  Her own pedi was able to see her, and after some gentle poking and wiggling, she said she wasn't sure exactly what was wrong, but that some xrays at baystate would clear everything up.  Thankfully Kat had met me at their office, so on my way to the hospital she took Norah with her.  I'm so grateful she did.  After a round of xrays and some pain meds, it was determined that Hannah broke her left humerus (upper arm bone), but down close to her elbow.  It was tricky, and they weren't able to splint it straight.  The orthopedic doctor said she would need surgery.

So then we began the craziness.  I left the ER and picked up her things and some things for Steven.  She's a daddy's girl, so she wanted him to stay with her.  I dropped their things back off, and they still hadn't been given a room, but Steven promised to call later.  I finally went back to pick up Norah, and by now it's very late for her.  She went directly to bed when we got home at 9:30, and slept soundly all night until I had to wake her up at 6:15 Saturday morning.  Steven called to tell me that they were taking Hannah in for surgery at 7, and I needed to be there ASAP.  After a failed IV, a lot of screaming, a half dozen stickers, and a teddy bear, Hannah was in waiting for surgery.  We talked over everything, and the orthopedic surgeon told us she would insert four pins into Hannah's arm to secure the bones in the correct formation.  They are sticking out of her skin, though you can't see them since her cast at the moment is enormous.  After the surgery we stayed with her in recovery until someone could bring her back up to her room.  Ten hours, two doses of antibiotics, and several trips in and  out of the hospital, we were finally home last night at around 8:30.  She was so insanely thankful to be home.  She slept well, and woke up sore and cranky this morning.  But she perked up when we headed out for the Walk in the Parks at Six Flags. 

So she'll go for a follow up appointment on Tuesday with the Surgeon to see how her swelling is and I don't know if she'll get a lighter more permanent cast.  She has a very hard time with this one, she can hardly move.  I'll update everyone with everything as I get it!


My Little Cuties said...

That sounds like an exhausting weekend, I can't imagine what it must have been like for you to put Hannah through surgery. I'm glad you're all on the other side now. Let the healing begin! (I hope it's quick!)

PleaseRecycle said...

Thanks for stopping by Mollie's blog! The surgery and your entire day sounds intense. I am so impressed you made it to the Walk in the Park. Here's to lots of pain-free healing for our little ones!

Jess said...

Thanks Sarah, I stop by Mollie's blog a lot, it's usually the next stop after Mimi's! :)