Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday Weekend

If you ask Hannah we had a fabulous holiday weekend.  Thursday morning, Zach asked if he could come up that night instead of the next day.  Of course we didn't mind, he's no trouble, so he got here about 9.  Hannah was already in bed, but slept nicely with the promise she'd see him on Friday.  And so she did.  He's working day's now, so he got up before we left for school.  She was over the moon!  Then she had Vehicle Day at school.  She got to sit in a Mail Truck, a UPS Truck, a city snowplow, a Fire Truck, and a Police water rescue boat.  She was very excited.

Friday night Sara came down very late, and Hannah was thrilled to go wake them up on Saturday.  We had a nice peaceful day, finished our shopping for the party, cleaned the house, and spent most of the day outside.  The adults stayed up late playing Apples to Apples outside in the gazebo, and then some of the adults wished to sleep in on Sunday morning.  Not that they got their wish.

Sunday was another nice day.  Gorgeous outside, and a little yardwork.  I pulled weeds and Steven mowed the lawn.  Then we headed to the park for some kite flying.  Hannah got to fly her Pink Elephant kite with Zach and Sara, then they played for a while on the playground before we went home to grill dinner. 

Monday we had a cook out and lots of people over.  There was an ice cream cake for Zach (his birthday is Today), lots of yummy wings and other bbq food, tons of friends, and lots of fun all around.  There are tons of pictures HERE, and I'll be posting them on the girls share site through shutterfly sometime today I think.

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