Sunday, August 22, 2010

It was a party

Sara is leaving us.  She's really truly moving to Delaware.  We had a party yesterday at the parents house, lots of friends and family over and ate yummy food and just hung out.  I don't know what will really happen when Sara comes here Tuesday night.  She's spending the night here after her last day of work, and then driving to Delaware and Zach on Wednesday.  I am really sure that Hannah doesn't get it, and I know that she'll be sad when Sara leaves, but won't get it.  She still doesn't get that Zach is already there and there most of the time.  Every time we're going to see Sara, she asks if Zach will be there.  Which sometimes he is, but mostly he's not.  The air force requires lots of his time.  I'm sad just thinking about her leaving, because I do understand.  I know she'll be happier where she can be with Zach, and I only want her to be happy.  Hopefully we can see them reasonably frequently.  She has a job interview next week, so we're wishing her good luck with that.

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