Thursday, August 12, 2010

A first

Today the girls had their first non family babysitter.  And yes I realize Kat watches them all the time, but seriously, she's like another mom to them.  She doesn't count as "not family".  Heck Massachusetts DID legalize same sex marriage.  Kidding!

So this morning a neighbor girl came over to watch the girls while I went to work.  She and her sister had come over previously to meet the girls and see how it went.  That was the week before I started work, and now here we are.  She apparently had a great time with them, and the girls didn't even seem to notice that I had left, and barely gave me ten seconds of their time when I got back.  They adored her, and were sadder when it was time for HER to leave than they were when I left for work.  So it was good all around apparently.  She loved them and said they were so good she'd watch them anytime.  Super!

Now to find out if she wants to watch five girls.... Hmmmmmmm.


Kat said...

LOL you made me chuckle :) I am glad it was good!

My Little Cuties said...

That is fantastic! The girls around here are something else. No neighborhood girl sitters for me. Glad you have quality peeps where you live.