Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I'm a planner.  I admit it.  I love lists, and knowing what's going to happen when we do something.  Unlike some planners, I don't mind when we start to do something and things don't quite go the way we plan.  But I like to have a semblance of order when we do things.  That's why I plan ahead.  So for a few weeks now, we've been planning with some friends to go to the zoo.  We make the trip every year, and so far we haven't made it down this summer.  The time has come, and since we're all free this weekend, the plan is that we go to the zoo on Saturday.  Of course, my kids don't know that, and neither do Kat's.  In fact, I wonder if the other friend we're meeting who lives locally to the zoo has even told her kids?  I know they'll have a blast, though we'll miss Steven, since he's staying home to do house related things.  He loves to come with us, so I was a little sad when he said I should definitely go without him.  I don't mind going alone, but I prefer him to come with us. 

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