Friday, February 22, 2008

Everyone be jealous!

Just this morning I ordered my new camera. I will be getting a Nikon D40, and assorted fun accessories on MONDAY. That is 3 days from now. I can't even begin to say how excited I am. I cannot wait to start taking pictures with my fabulous new camera. And hopefully soon after we'll have a new baby to be taking pictures of also. SO exciting on both of those. Steven will be taking charge of my old camera, because there isn't anything wrong with it, I just wanted an upgrade. So maybe sometimes there will be twice as many pictures, though somehow I doubt that.

Today is my 39 week OB appointment. I had to change it to this morning because it's snowing like a madman here. I don't want to be out driving at 2:15 if I don't have to be. There isn't anything new to report that I know of. She's still in there, and seemingly happy. I'm somewhat glad she's still in because I'm still rather sick, and Hannah is pretty sick too still, so she's definitely better off there. Hopefully Hannah and I can kick our coughs and congestion very soon, because I'm more than done with it.

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