Monday, February 25, 2008

More appointments

So I finished pee collecting this morning (yay what a PITA) and now I'll have to call my OB's office when they open at 9 and find out what exactly to do. I need to be seen by them today, but what I don't know is if when I drop my giant jug o' pee off at the lab if I have to wait for the results. Hannah is generally really good, so if I do have to wait, it will be ok. Just stressful to think I get to do more waiting. I'm so glad Hannah doesn't understand any of this right now. She was SO sad on Saturday when we dropped her off at Kat's house to spend the morning so we could go to the Non Stress Test. I was so sad to leave her crying, but I felt better when Kat told me "don't worry, when I asked her if she wanted to wave goodbye she said 'no can I have some juice please' Silly girl"

So we're hoping to have a baby here sooner rather than later. I actually think we have everything we could possibly need, and are shockingly ready to bring her home. Just a few things not packed in my bag (I like brushing my teeth) and I need to charge the camera(s :D) so we can take lots of pictures.

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My Little Cuties said...

I'm glad you're almost done with this. The final few weeks have sounded worrisome for an expectant Mom. Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby girl taken on your new fancy camera! And finding out what you name her!