Monday, February 25, 2008

The good news

I apparently do NOT have Pre Eclampsia. Who knows why I had crazy high blood pressure on Saturday. I saw the doctor today and he said everything looks good, aside from my random feeling like crap today. So he told me to go ahead and cancel my appointment on Friday and make one for next week. So yay for that. Now we play the "is this contraction the one" game.

And here's a picture of Hannah, Sara asked to see it :)


My Little Cuties said...

Glad to hear you & the baby are OK and just waiting-waiting-waiting now.

That picture of Hannah is so totally cute! What's she ordering? A birthday gift for baby-girl???

Jess said...

Beats me, she kept flipping through it, but reality is I can't afford anything from PBK

My Little Cuties said...

What's PBK??? I have a lot to learn?

Jess said...

Pottery Barn Kids ;)